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Changing your engine oil at regular intervals is the most important thing you can do to extend the life of your GM car or truck. That's why we've made it so simple and easy with GM Certified Service Quick Lube Plus. With competitive prices, service by factory-trained technicians and a free, 10-point maintenance check, GM Certified Service Quick Lube Plus will change your thinking about changing your oil.

Your GM Certified Quick Lube Plus service includes:

  1. Oil change (up to 5 quarts) using quality GM motor oil
  2. Lube chassis
  3. Change of oil filter using a quality ACDelco filter
  4. Inspection of:

    • Drive Belts
    • Hoses
    • Air Filter
    • Tire Pressure
    • Brake Fluid Check (rear wheel drive)
    • Transfer Case Fluid Check (AWD)
    • Power Steering Fluid Check
    • Transmission Fluid Check
    • Windshield Washer Fluid Check

Give our Service Team a call at (281) 596-6275 for your next service appointment or Quick Lube at Mac Haik Chevrolet Houston!

Meet Our Staff

Brian Caldwell

Brian Caldwell Service Director

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Larry Patterson

Larry Patterson Service Manager

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Kayla Mitchell

Kayla Mitchell Service Advisor

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G Nguyen

G Nguyen Service Advisor

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  • (281) 596-6277
Jim Cox

Jim Cox Service Advisor

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  • (281) 596-6266
Jose Rosales

Jose Rosales Service Advisor

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  • (281) 596-6304
Phil Hauck

Phil Hauck Service Advisor

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  • (281) 596-6262
Russell Casteel

Russell Casteel Service Advisor

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  • (281) 596-6267
Tony McPhail

Tony McPhail Service Advisor

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Amber Mosley

Amber Mosley Service Cashier

Dalia Mendoza

Dalia Mendoza Service Cashier

Shelton Spears

Shelton Spears Courtesy Transportation

Bobby Kosar

Bobby Kosar Courtesy Transportation

Chris Hayden

Chris Hayden Quick Lube Advisor

Clayton Lidiak

Clayton Lidiak Quick Lube Advisor

Jim Brown

Jim Brown Quick Lube Advisor

Mike Jones

Mike Jones Service Advisor

Ben Chandler Jr.

Ben Chandler Jr. Service Advisor

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